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This course has been developed and adapted from the RCP Acute Care Toolkit 11: Using data to improve care. The aim of this module is to help clinicians draw together the information necessary to understand the quality of care that they and their team provide. Read More

A flexible, practical and personalised package which offers three hours of online training. It helps you to fully understand the methods used for assessing trainees and gives insight as to what makes for good practice in assessing trainees in the workplace.  This module will cover a range of assessments including WPBAs and SLEs.  Read More

The aim of this course is to equip the user with a model of breaking bad news, to both patients and next of kin alike, and provide an opportunity to reflect on the challenges and key skills required in these difficult conversations. This is not meant to demonstrate best practice or represent a guideline, but to highlight real frontline experiences as general physicians, and continue the discussion around ‘talking about dying’, which was a publication released by the RCP Our Future Health team recently.   Please note: If you are an RCP member or fellow this course is free. To get access please email elearning@rcplondon.ac.uk. Non-members can purchase this course for £15. Read More

This short course will challenge participants to consider how they feel about change. It will also introduce a widely used change model and ask participants to consider the application of a change model to a clinical context. Read More

A personal development plan (PDP) is an essential requirement of the revalidation process and helps you to identify and address your development needs. Developing an effective PDP is a flexible, practical and personalised online training package. It helps you to understand the importance of PDPs, how to update and develop your PDP and how to set SMART objectives. Read More

This course will help you to understand the benefits of focusing on emotional intelligence on a personal level and how it can improve patient care in the workplace. Read More

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