Breaking Bad News

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The aim of this course is to equip the user with a model of breaking bad news, to both patients and next of kin alike, and provide an opportunity to reflect on the challenges and key skills required in these difficult conversations. This is not meant to demonstrate best practice or represent a guideline, but to highlight real frontline experiences as general physicians, and continue the discussion around ‘talking about dying’, which was a publication released by the RCP Our Future Health team recently.


Please note: If you are an RCP member or fellow this course is free. To get access please email Non-member can purchase this course for £15.


  • Recall one communication model that can be used in the delivery of breaking bad news to patients and relatives.
  • Reflect on the common challenges faced as general physicians in breaking bad news, and ways to overcome them.
  • Identify the key skills required in communicating sensitive information


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate BBN certificate

Breaking Bad News
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Added about 1 hour ago, by Sonia
Good course, reminded me of key communication skills whilst on mat leave, particularly round lung cancer, where i work in respiratory.
Added about 22 hours ago, by Anonymous
Helpful. Congratulations. This programme helps me.
Added 1 day ago, by Anonymous
Decent overview of BBN
Added 3 days ago, by Rahul
Added 5 days ago, by Aruchuna
Probably aimed at core medical training level
Added 6 days ago, by Amanda
This was very well presented, realistic challenging scenarios. some well done others not so good, so very realistic.
Added 6 days ago, by Anonymous
very good
Added 6 days ago, by James
Added 6 days ago, by Husen
Added 7 days ago, by Anonymous
Very useful, would be great to be able to rewind within in a session

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