Supervising quality improvement projects

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This online resource developed by the Royal College of Physicians (RCP) will help enable clinicians from any speciality to identify learning opportunities relating to quality improvement, to support and guide their trainees throughout their quality improvement projects.

 This resource has been designed for you to drop in and out, as and when you need, providing practical examples and strategies that can be immediately implemented in the workplace. You will learn by watching videos, reading articles and researching resources, along with helpful take-away handouts to start using today.


This resource will help you to:

  • define the nature and purpose of quality improvement
  • highlight how your experience is fundamental in supporting trainees and improvement teams 
  • outline the essential methodological steps in completing a quality improvement project 
  • demonstrate how you can guide trainees through each of these steps, so they can implement quality improvements in practice.

Introduction video
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Supervising QI projects module 1
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Supervising QI projects module 2
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Supervising QI projects module 3
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QI end-of-course survey
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Added 7 days ago, by Rajiv
Excellent Elearning resource with some useful links and handouts.
Added 8 days ago, by Anonymous
Added 14 days ago, by Andreea
Added 22 days ago, by Anonymous
Excellent introduction to the subject. Provides a structure that clinicians can follow to supervise QI projects effectively.
Added about 2 months ago, by Anonymous
Good course
Added about 2 months ago, by David
Added about 2 months ago, by Uruj
Added 2 months ago, by Chandini
Added 2 months ago, by Anonymous
Basics on supervising a QI PROJECT, now need to put into practice
Added 3 months ago, by Brian

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