Assessing Trainees in the Workplace

2 modules


RCP London E-learning

£40 - 45


A flexible, practical and personalised package which offers three hours of online training. It helps you to fully understand the methods used for assessing trainees and gives insight as to what makes for good practice in assessing trainees in the workplace.  This module will cover a range of assessments including WPBAs and SLEs. 


This package covers methods of assessing trainees in the workplace including:

  • Feedback
  • Supervised learning events (SLEs)
  • Workplace-based assessments (WPBAs)
  • The role of the annual review of competence progression (ARCP)


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate Assessing Trainees Certificate

E-lesson 1 Practising with structured learning events
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Assessing Trainees in the Workplace end-of course survey
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Good e-Learning Course in a short time schedule
Added 7 days ago, by Nor Azura
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Very nice online module. Some overlapping with the corresponding face-to-face course.
Added 9 days ago, by Matthew
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