Introduction to the social determinants of health

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90 mins

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This course is an introduction to health inequalities and the social determinants of health.

It clearly sets out the significant health inequalities that exist in our society and the main drivers of these inequalities, which are rooted in social, economic and environmental circumstances. It aims to increase clinicians’ understanding of their role in tackling these issues, providing clear practical actions which can be taken.


This course will help you to:

Module 1

  • recognise the scale of health inequalities globally and nationally
  • define key terms such as life expectancy, disability-free life expectancy, healthy life expectancy
  • recall the wider factors that determine health and isolate the most influential
  • show how inequalities are shaped by the social determinants of health, are socially graded, and develop over the life course (life course epidemiology)
  • identify why we should be concerned with health inequalities


Module 2

  • recall what it takes to reduce the social gradient of health
  • identify the six areas of action required to reduce the social gradient of health
  • define how deprivation in each area of action will affect an individual’s health
  • state what good health looks like in each area and what could be done to achieve it


Module 3

  • identify at what level medical professionals can influence the social determinants of health
  • recognise five key themes in which health professionals can take action towards the social determinants of health


    By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate SDH Certificate

    SDH Module 1: Understanding health inequalities
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    SDH Module 2: How to tackle health inequality in the UK
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    SDH Module 3: Role of the health professionals
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    SDH Assessment
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    Introduction to the social determinants of health end-of-course survey
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    Added 6 days ago, by Anonymous
    Highly recommended for an insightful overview into the rarely talked about topic. a must for every physician!
    Added 16 days ago, by Anonymous
    worth completing, I will think about the social determinants of health more when seeing patients and try to provide a more effective holistic management plan every time where possible.
    Added 19 days ago, by Ei Cho
    Added 29 days ago, by Mai Faisal Abdulaziz
    excellent course
    Added 3 months ago, by Dalia
    Added 4 months ago, by SAMANTHA
    Added 4 months ago, by Alexander
    Added 4 months ago, by Clare
    yes, very relevant and a topic area where teaching is often neglected
    Added 4 months ago, by TAHSEEN
    Added 4 months ago, by Katie

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